Adventures in DC!

When Christine and Joe, whose wedding day is rapidly approaching, asked me if I might consider heading down to DC for their engagement photos, I didn’t have to think twice. While it’s a City I’ll admit to not having spent a lot of time in, my memories of my previous visits are both vivid and significant, and then when it occurred to me that Alyssa and Kevin, whose wedding on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee later this month, also happen to live in DC, my trip to the Capitol was sealed. But for starters, how can I not share with you this memorable photo that dad took of yours truly with mom and “sis”, on my first trip there. Priceless, wouldn’t you say? And check out the fancy camera around my neck.

But back to my more recent travels. And to start with, hitting the streets and sites with Christine and Joe, who actually no longer live in DC, but it seems just might have left their hearts there, although their current NYC home’s not such a bad second choice. With their upcoming weekend’s wedding in the chapel at Fordham U, followed by the reception at one of our favorites, The Country Club of Darien, I thank them for both the initial inspiration to make the trip as well as the fun tour of some of their old haunts. See you soon, C&J.

For Part Two of my day in DC (truth: it was actually the first part of my day), I connected with Alyssa and Kevin at the Washington Monument (pre-earthquake damage). Having photographed Alyssa’s sister Katherine’s wedding to Brian just a few years ago, and of course getting to know her very special family just a bit, I was honored to be invited to join them for their upcoming October wedding at The Inn at Church Landing, in Meredith, NH, close to where the family spends lots and lots of time. And what fun we had in our travels through the streets of DC, all just a warm up for their New England autumn celebration. Can’t wait, Alyssa and Kevin!