The Schoolhouse at Cannondale | Fifth Anniversary | Wilton, Connecticut

It’s been five years since Julia and Tim LeBant opened their extraordinary little restaurant in the old school house in Cannondale Village, around the corner from us in Wilton, Connecticut. Appropriately titled The Schoolhouse at Cannondale, Chef Tim and his wife and business partner Julia, who’ve known each other since Kindergarten, continue to receive accolades from near and far as one of the “few restaurants in Connecticut worth driving more than 10 minutes to eat at. The Schoolhouse is worth driving 10 hours”, and “Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in Fairfield County”.

To celebrate their first five years of success, Julia and Tim invited me over to the Schoolhouse to take a few pictures of their amazing “team”. On what clearly was the coldest day of this winter, we popped the champagne and huddled together for our quick photo session in honor of their achievements. And to mark the occasion The Schoolhouse is holding a Fifth Anniversary Champagne and Wine Pairing Dinner Party on March 14th. Be sure to check out their website for more information on the dinner party, or to make reservations for a brunch or dinner that you simply won’t forget!