Springtime in Connecticut and Moffly Media Best of the Gold Coast 2012

I’m feeling it, I’m really feeling it, and I hope you are too. Mild as this winter’s been here in southern Connecticut, long and dark nights (and mornings), bitter cold one day, teaser warm another. And my gosh, if its going to be cold, at least let it snow. And for the most part, it just didn’t really snow (post October freak storm). So feeling that Spring air, slowly creeping in, through the back door. Yesterday was 60 with high winds, today back in the 40’s, next couple of days warmer again. But it’s comin’, we know it is. And with Spring approaching, so is wedding season. And when the clocks spring ahead like they will this Saturday night (don’t forget), we’ll be polishing off the lenses, charging up the batteries, and cranking into gear. Maybe we’ll even see you at one of our Spring weddings. I hope so.

And with Spring and weddings in the air, a small special request to all of our friends (and family, too). Our friends at Moffly Publications (Westport, Greenwich, Darien/New Canaan, the new Fairfield Living Magazines) is starting the voting for their annual “Best of the Gold Coast 2012” issue. And well, we’d just very much like to be part of the goings on. But in order for that to happen, we need a few of you (and your friends, and everyone you’ve ever met, including your old school teachers), to vote for us through this attached quick entry form. If you really live in the area and know the local restaurants, hang out at some of our favorite or your favorites pubs (been to the Little Pub in Ridgefield?), well then put in your vote for your favorite hang outs, but either way, wind your way through the pages and you’ll find a spot to vote for your favorite local wedding photographer. And well, what can I say? If that happens to be me, I’ll be flattered, honored, and most appreciative of your support and the time that you’ve taken to fill out the entry.

Enough said. Now it’s time to Spring forward! And remember what we long-time New Englanders always say, if you don’t like the weather, wait a day, and it’ll change.

Moffly Media Best of the Gold Coast Vote here!