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Baxter’s Birthday

Baxter's Birthday
A special day in our house as we celebrate our old friend Baxter's 14th birthday. Seems like just yesterday, but then it wasn't. As I reflect on our "life together", when we picked Baxter up from the breeder our daughter Hannah was just 9 and Molly was 6 (now nearly 24 and 21). We lived in a different house, in a different town, and I was commuting into my NYC studio [...]

Our trip to Italy.

Our trip to Italy.
Last week we had the wonderfully good fortune of vacationing in Italy, and spending some quality time with our daughter Molly, who's studying in Florence for the semester. So far she is thoroughly enjoying her course and soaking up the culture as well as the language. She even showed us a few of her Italian Essay Phrases. That being said, as an international studen[...]

Revisiting a good story.

While I'll admit I'm struggling a bit to find the time this month to keep up on my blogging of recent events, I thought it would be fun to revisit this short (all true) story I told just about a year ago, especially for those of you who've only recently started following my blog. The evenings of late have been cool and inviting, perfect New England sleeping weathe[...]