Liz and Anil|City Hall Wedding | New Haven CT

Liz and Anil’s City Hall Wedding | New Haven Connecticut

When I was first contacted by Liz and Anil earlier this Spring and they asked me if I was available and interested in photographing their “very” small City Hall wedding ceremony they weren’t sure what day it would happen nor what City Hall they’d head to. All they knew was they wanted to get married before their impending move to the West Coast and would plan on celebrating with friends and family sometime in the near future. All I could think of was “I’m totally game, tell me when and where”.  Along with Anil’s brother (the “witness” should they need one-which they didn’t) we all met up in downtown New Haven, headed over to City Hall, snapping a few pictures along the way, this adorable couple filled out their paper work, reciting their vows and then heading over to New Haven’s classic Clark’s for burgers and shakes, all dutifully recorded by yours truly. Couldn’t have been more fun. And then here it is, as told by Liz. You gotta’ love their story. I know I did. Congrats to both of you!!

“Anil and I met in high school and one summer we both had jobs in New Haven. Every day, we stretched our lunch breaks to take walks in New Haven’s central Green as we fell in love. Clark’s Dairy, a local staple, was our go-to spot for a quick bite and milk shakes. That summer sparked a relationship that has lasted over a decade…
Calling ours a “long-distance relationship” would be an understatement. Between us, we attended five different universities, lived in seven different states, and held countless jobs across four different continents. Yet, since that summer, we’re still going strong!
 On April 4th, 2014, twelve-and-a-half years later, we paused to marry each other at City Hall in New Haven. The setting embodied the simplicity of the love and friendship that held us together through the years, and the service marked the start of the rest of our journey together. Afterward, a short walk in the Green led us to none other than Clark’s for lunch – we’ll be back soon, for another round of milk shakes!”

  • Sandra Easley said:

    Love the story & as always love the pics♥️