Lindsey and Matt’s Wedding | Weeburn Country Club | Darien, CT

Lindsey and Matt’s Wedding | Weeburn Country Club | Darien, CT

How very special was the wedding of Lindsey and Matt this past October  at Weeburn Country Club in Darien! When you have a couple as wonderful (and adorable) as Lindsey and Matt, who grew up together and started dating at the end of high school, with two families that are as close as theirs are, well you just know that its going to be a celebration to remember. So take it away, Lindsey and Matt. Your story is one well worth telling in great detail, and I hope you’ll find that our photographs of your wedding managed to capture much of the love in that room on that special Fall day!

“How We Met: We really met for the first time in Middle School – we were both Purple Team in 7th grade and we even found our old middle school yearbook and Lindsey had circled Matt’s face with a heart…..some nice foreshadowing. We officially met at Darien High School, despite being in the same grade for years – we didn’t really become friends until a senior year French class video project brought us together and we officially started dating the night we graduated from DHS. Lots of late night editing sessions lead ultimately led to our first date – our Senior Year prom. We officially started dating the night we graduated from High School – June 9th, 2005.
After graduating, we went to separate colleges (Lindsey went to Gettysburg and Matt landed at Hobart{where his dad went too}) – a short 5 hour drive apart from each other. After graduation in 2009, Matt then continued on to Syracuse University to get a Masters in Architecture – which meant another 5 hour drive apart from Lindsey who began living (in UWS) and working (in Flatiron) as an event planner in Manhattan. Finally in May of 2014 – we were living in the same zip code again (06820).

Fun Facts: After Matt graduated from Syracuse – we both took the Summer of 2014 to drive around the country and explore before settling down to working and living in CT. We had talked about Road Tripping after High School graduation and then again after College graduation and we finally set out to do it. We knocked out 39 states and 13,000 miles of USA exploration. We even managed to take over 20,000 photos (and yes Bruce – we have back ups of the back ups of those photos…)

Fun Facts: Lindsey’s Dad (Jay Wood) and Matt’s Mom (Sue Ladue McMaster) grew up in Darien.

How We Got Engaged: Matt’s birthday usually on or around Thanksgiving, so we like to take the opportunity to go up to Ludlow, Vermont (a place we love spending time together year-round) to do some hiking and relaxing on Okemo Mountain. Matt suggested a morning hike and about half way up the mountain we stopped so Lindsey could take a photo and while she was lining up the perfect shot – Matt took that opportunity to hop down on one knee. At first Lindsey did not realize that Matt was trying to propose, it took a tug of the arm to get Lindsey to pay attention and then it was an emphatic yes from her. We had been dating for 10 years when we got engaged. June 9th, 2005 – November 28th, 2015

Why Wee Burn: Lindsey’s family has been members of Wee Burn for almost her entire life – spending countless days at both the Main Club in Darien and the Beach Club in Rowayton. Every summer the Wood kids would tackle a host of summer activities – Swimming, Diving, Sailing, Tennis – 830am – 5pm every day at the beach club and then spend many weekends during the winter having dinner with our parents and hanging with our friends – many of the staff has known us since we were kids. So when it came to picking a wedding location – the only question was would it be the Main Club or the Beach Club. Because both of our families are local (Lindsey is a 4th gen Darien and Matt is a 3rd gen Darien) and we met in Darien – it meant the most to us to get married at home in Darien too. That’s also why we chose Tokeneke Club as our Rehearsal Dinner venue – it’s where Matt spent his summers growing up (in addition to Jay Wood and his Mom when they were growing up).”

Bridal Gown: Heidi Elnora from A Little Something White – Darien, CT

Veil: Pronovias

Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo – Iness Dress

Bride’s Accessories: Pearl bracelet – David Harvey (gift of the groom).

Earrings: Betteridge – Greenwich (gift of her mom)

Belt and Hairpiece: A Little Something White

Makeup: William and Company – Darien

Hair: Sean Chin Sue and Gio Bargello _Rita Hazan – NYC

Wedding Bands: Betteridge-Greenwich

Wedding Cake: Palmers

Flowers and Decor: Karen Hughan – Good Gardens

Tent: Abbey Tent Rental – Fairfield

Videographer: John Miller – First Day Films

Wedding Invitations: Minted

Band: ETA Music – Westport

Weeburn CC Event Coordinator – Kimberly Borosage

And finally, from Lindsey and Matt: ” Obviously our families- we are both incredibly close to our parents and siblings. Kelly and Andrew are very close with us and are always hanging out. Our parents are still incredible role models for us and we love that we all live so close to each other (we’re 1 mile from Matt’s parents and 2.6 miles from Lindsey’s parents).”

Could it get any better than this? Sending lots of love your way, Lindsey and Matt. So honored that you chose to include me in your amazing wedding celebration! B