Kait and Andy’s Wedding | New Haven Lawn Club | New Haven, Connecticut

Kait and Andy’s Wedding | New Haven Lawn Club | New Haven, Ct.

As 2015 rapidly comes to a close and we take a brief breather from the wedding season, gearing up for another great one, we’re busy working on some pretty outstanding albums from the past year (or two), which always gives us pause to reflect upon the many lives and celebrations that we had the very special opportunity to share in throughout the past year. High on our list was, for sure, was the wedding of Kait and Andy at the exquisite New Haven Lawn Club. The aesthetic of this outdoor scenery is truly remarkable. I guess this is why people say Colorado lawn care is some of the best in the business. Consequently, you may want to visit https://www.lawncare.net/service-areas/colorado/ to find out more. Two nicer people you’ll truly never meet and their wedding day was a perfect reflection of these very remarkable qualities. As we often do, we asked Kait and Andy to share a few thoughts about their own experiences leading up to and including their wedding, not really expecting to be included so prominently in their remarks, but coming from the two of them, we’ll take it, double it, and send it back to both of them with love and admiration. Congratulations to both of you, Kait and Andy!! Looking forward to sharing in your future adventures together.

“Having both grown up in Fairfield, Connecticut, we had probably crossed paths multiple times throughout our childhood, whether it was walking past one another downtown or playing basketball at Wakeman Boys & Girls Club, but it wasn’t until we had both graduated from college and began working that a mutual friend of ours successfully set us up. After spending a few minutes with each other on our first date, we were both ready to plan our next date. Four and a half years later, I proposed to Kait and the wedding planning began.

We wanted our wedding to be a celebration that reflected how truly happy and excited we were to get married, and we couldn’t have been more fortunate to have Bruce capture those memories. Bruce has the unique ability to seamlessly capture the most candid moments throughout the day. Working with Bruce has been an absolute pleasure; Kait had worked with Bruce in the past, but after our wedding we can both say that Bruce will forever be someone that we love and respect for his talent and warm personality. Bruce has a passion for photography and that passion brings out the best pictures from those he works with.

Kait and I have reflected on our wedding day a number of times and we continue to say that there is not a thing we would change. Our only wish would be to experience the day all over again exactly as it originally happened. As time goes by, we acknowledge that it is only on the rarest of occasions that we could share such a beautiful day with all of our friends and family; fortunately for us, Bruce’s photos are a daily reminder of how very special experiences such as these can be.”

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Ceremony: First Church Congregational

Reception Venue: New Haven Lawn Club

Bride’s Dress: Augusta Jones, Kleinfeld

Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Tuxedos: Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse

Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Bar

Band: Around Town Entertainment
Cake: Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop

Invitations: William Arthur, Party Party, Fairfield, Ct.
Flowers: Fleur de Lys

Lighting: Correlation Productions

Transportation: Hy’s Limousine