Jessica and Adam’s Wedding | The Garrison | Garrison, New York

Jessica and Adam’s Wedding | The Garrison | Garrison, NY

One of our favorite new  venues has become The Garrison, in Garrison, NY,  a stone’s throw up the Hudson from NYC.  Todd Smith, who runs the show, is one of the most charming and cool-under-pressure guys that we know. The Garrison is set on 300 gorgeous acres, with a view to die for of the Hudson River and the distant Catskill mountains, and each time we’ve shot there over the last couple of years we’ve had the good fortune to photograph our ceremonies outdoors, with that very view as the backdrop. Location, location, location!

Now to this very special wedding, with a very personal connection to both me and my family. We actually were introduced to Jess and Adam through one of our past brides, who worked with Jess (thanks Ali and Ari), but then it didn’t take long before we discovered that not only had I grown up with Jess’ mom Bayla, but that my dad (of course) photographed her folks’ wedding. Its hard to describe how much these connections mean to me. But enough to say that it adds a whole other level of significance to my ever present sense for the importance of what I do each and every wedding weekend. Add to this mix, our new friends, the adorable and fun-loving Jess and Adam, the beyond perfect Autumn weather, and the beauty of the Garrison and well, it was perfection in every way. So congratulations, once again, to Jess, Adam and your wonderful families. And, of course, a few words from the two of them.

How We Met:

Adam and I met in the summer of 2011 when I was living in Manhattan and Adam was living in Washington, DC. My childhood friend, David, invited me to DC for a weekend and was insistent that I meet Adam.  After telling Adam all about me in the weeks leading up to my visit, we finally met a party. We immediately connected.

Our Wedding:

Our wedding exceeded our wildest expectations. The day was flawless from start to finish.  The Garrison provided a gorgeous backdrop to celebrate our love.The weather was cool, with bright sunshine and an array of colors emanating from the Fall foliage.  Our vendors were wonderful and all of them had worked with The Garrison before, which made planning much easier.  Adam and I worked with our Rabbi to create a ceremony that blended traditions from each of our family’s history into a new tradition that belonged to us.  The dance floor was filled late into the night as we were surrounded by our close friends and family. Bruce’s stunning images captured our perfect day. We love to look at them and relive it all!

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Wedding Gown & Veil – Bridal Garden
Adam’s Tux & Shoes- Hugo Boss
Bridesmaids Dresses – Jim Hjelm
Flowers – Verde Flowers
Ceremony, Cocktail & Reception Music – Frank Michaels Band (Hank Lane)
Videographer – First Day Films
Hair – Styles on B
Ketubah – Jennifer Raichman