Julie and Adam’s “E” Session: Long Island City

Discovering new (and old) NYC area destinations for me is always a treat. Our engagement sessions lend them themselves beautifully to the task.

From Dumbo (directly under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, for those not in the know) to Hoboken, Central Park to Battery Park, there’s never a lack of great locale, and never a photo session without the unexpected bringing something extra special to the mix.

And what could be more special than spending the afternoon exploring their Long Island City neighborhood with Julie and Adam. With their wedding plans set for Tappan Hill in October, and the mid-May weather at its finest, we walked and talked, got to know each other a bit better, and took (I think you’ll agree) some beautiful pictures together. More of the wonderful story of Julie and Adam, of course, to follow.

  • robert norman said:

    so many cool walls there---and a flying pig??!! AMazing!