Diana and Sean: a match made on the courts.

She’s been playing tennis since she was 7 and competitively since she was 9. She held a New England ranking through her junior years and played # 1 single and doubles at Fairfield University, where she was captain of the team her junior and senior years. He was captain of the men’s team at Fairfield “U” his junior and senior years as well. He grew up racing motocross with his father and brother in New Jersey and competed until college (he recently has taken it up again).

Diana and Sean met, of course, at Fairfield University in 2001, on her first day of college. She was a freshman on the women’s tennis team and he was a junior on the men’s team. They were acquaintances for almost 2 years, but finally were able to spend a lot of time together during their Spring training in Arizona in March of 2003. When they returned they were inseparable and began dating shortly thereafter. Sean graduated a month later and moved back to N.J., but not for long. He was back visiting Diana four days later and quickly landed a job in Connecticut.

On June 13, 2009 Sean surprised Diana by proposing on a private catamaran sunset sail on Cape Cod, they bought their first home together in Fairfeld and are busy planning their wedding for July 2011 in Westport. Naturally our “e” session together, which could not have been more fun, covered all the bases, or should we say, all ends of the court, from their beautiful new home to the campus (and courts) of Fairfield U., to the beach nearby. Their story is one of love, laughter, and truly best friends. To this day their friends joke that it was a match made in heaven. I think we’ll all clearly have to agree. Can’t wait for their wedding next summer.