Bill and Meghan hit Boston.

Just when you were thinking that it couldn’t get anymore fun, that which we do every weekend, I bring you Bill and Meghan in Boston. We met originally at Jon and Brittany’s wedding on Block Island a couple of years ago (Bill, having grown up with Jon, was one of his best men). And it’s my good fortune to have been invited by them to photograph their wedding on Cape Cod next summer. So what could be more exciting for me than to spend the day with this wonderful couple on the streets of Boston, my old stomping grounds. And hit Boston we did, from suburban Newton to shopping for Halloween costumes in Cambridge, hanging out in “Haaavad Yahhd” to the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill, the hallowed grounds of Fenway Park and the shores of the Charles. We hit ’em all. And let’s not forget “Harp”, the bar where Meghan first met Bill, and where we casually snuck in for a few pix while the Pats were winning another one. What a warm up to their wedding in July. Thanks for the special day, M&B.