Christina and Brendhan’s Wedding | Private Residence | Fairfield, Connecticut

Christina and Brendhan’s Wedding | Private Residence | Fairfield, CT

A perfect Summer day in New England, with a ceremony in the classic old Southport Congregational Church and a reception in the bride’s parents’ extraordinary back yard; with wedding planning by our dear friend Roe Chlala and the very fine cuisine of her brother Bill Kaliff, both from Festivities.

What could be more perfect!  Well let’s throw in the beauty of the decor from Peter and Chris of Elegant Effects, the gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown by Westport’s The Plumed Serpent Bridal, and the truly heart warming story of Christina and Brendhan, which we share with you here. Picture perfect? Well, I think so, and I’m sure you will too.

As told by Christina and Brendhan:

“We first met in 2004 at Greens Farms Academy in Westport CT in our freshman year of high school.  We were in the same history class, but we did not interact much outside of class. It wasn’t until the end of our sophomore year, after we had spent most of the year sharing a free period together, that we started dating. After high school, we went off to our separate colleges, but came back home to Fairfield CT after graduating in 2012.  Little did we know when we sat next to each other in history class that 10 years later we would be engaged and planning our wedding.

We wanted the wedding to have a backyard feel and modeled the blue and green color scheme after blue hydrangeas.  We were married in Southport Congregational Church surrounded by our loving friends and family.  Half of the bridal party had been with us since high school and graduated from Greens Farms Academy.  The wedding and the day itself could not have been more perfect.  It was a picture perfect July day, and the ceremony, food, flowers, and celebration were all spectacular. While every aspect of the day was magical, we are probably most grateful for having Bruce as our photographer.”

Thanks for the kind words, C&B; thanks for including us in your amazing celebration. And congratulations, once again, to both of you! Looking forward to celebrating many more happy occasions with you and your families.

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Wedding Planner: Roe Chlala of Festivities

Caterer: Bill Kaliff of Festivities

Bride’s Dress: Monique Lhuillier from The Plumed Serpent Bridal, Westport, CT

Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Attire: Brooks Brothers

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Amsale from The Plumed Serpent Bridal, Westport

Bride’s Accessories: Paris by Debra Moreland

Hair and Make-up: Blow Dry, Southport, CT

Band: Hal Prince

Tent: Northeast Tent

Cake: Sweet Lisa’s

Stationery: Party, Party, Fairfield, CT

Florist: Elegant Effects

Videographer: The Light Mill