Alex and Patrick’s Wedding | Private Residence | Canton, Connecticut

Alex and Patrick’s Wedding | Private Residence | Canton, CT

Where to even begin with the story of the spectacular wedding of Alex and Pat, at her parents’ beautiful Connecticut country home?! Shall we start with the perfect September weather? Add to the mix the amazing location, the wonderfully fun and gorgeous Alex and Pat, equally fun-loving (and large, of course) wedding party of friends and family, the spectacular Turkuaz, the coolest of Brooklyn bands, and of course some incredibly cute and party loving young nieces and nephews, well, I think you’ll get the idea. This story needed a little time to be told, having first appeared on-line with our friends at The Well Wed website, but now the complete tale can be told, and who better to tell it than the bride herself, so take it away, Alex.

“The most special place to me in this world is the house I grew up in. Well, technically, the yard. My sister and I grew up exploring the woods that divided our house from our cousins’, riding our horse in the ring our father and grandfather constructed for us, and “hunting for gold” in the brook down the road. Over the years my parents’ house had become a weekend escape from our life in Boston that my now husband, Patrick, had come to love as well.

It was important to Pat and me that we designed a ceremony and reception based in sentimental value. We wanted our wedding to be a sincere representation of ourselves and the things we love, and our goal was to achieve a balance of tradition and distinction. I remember sitting on my parents’ back porch the summer of our engagement, the sun was setting behind the hill and lighting up the hanging geraniums to make them look bright purple. It was then and there that we knew we wanted to have our wedding in the yard. Our wedding ceremony was held at St. Patrick Church in the old mill town, Collinsville, where my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents had all been married. Our wedding reception took place in a sail cloth tent and in the existing barn (as well as out under the stars) on my parents’ property. Some of the best wedding memories came from the time spent with family and friends preparing the yard all spring and summer for the big day. The other memories would come from the camera. We looked at many different cameramen from those who did wedding pictures Indianapolis to videographers too! In the end, I think we picked the perfect one and the photos and videos we have will last for generations.

We planned a vintage style farm wedding with DIY décor and favors, and built a fire pit for cigar-enjoying guests. A Temperley London wedding gown and mismatched tulle and lace bridesmaid dresses from BHLDN helped convey the vintage theme. A beautiful variety of bright and big-faced dahlias arranged by Paula Gallo of Pentimento Flowers incorporated wild undertones into our farm reception. To personalize the event we focused on DIY décor. Our neighbor down the hill, Sue, is an artist and the mother of one of my bridesmaids. Every year Sue created hand-painted star-shaped Christmas ornaments. For the wedding, Sue created custom chandeliers for the interior barn lights by tying together tree limbs, painting them ivory, and dripping her signature stars from them; she used the same star design for our table numbers. My mother spent the summer making bottles of limoncello from scratch to be given to our guests as favors.

Pat and I love music and we wanted our band to set the mood for our wedding. This was a very important consideration of ours in our planning. We had seen the nine-person Brooklyn-based funk band, Turkuaz, a couple of times in concert and knew we had to have them at our wedding. Turkuaz occasionally plays covers from some of our favorites including Talking Heads and Joe Cocker, but the band is known for belting out their original songs with a front man that has as much energy as Mick Jagger. The night ended with all of our wedding guests yelling “encore” until Turkuaz played their version of “With a Little Help From My Friends”.”

So congratulations, once again, Alex and Pat! We loved be part of your day, and look forward to the next chapter!

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Floral Design: Pentimento Flowers, Paula Gallo

Catering: Cafe Louise, Louise Albin

Wedding Dress: Temperley London

Ceremony Venue: St. Patrick Church, Collinsville, CT.

Reception Venue: Parents’ home; Canton, CT.

Hair + Makeup: Cahoots Salon

Band: Turkuaz

Groom’s Attire: Custom suit, 9tailors

Officiant: Father Tim O’Brien

Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld Bridal

Veil: Blossom Veils

Rentals: Tents Unlimited

Bridesmaid Attire: BHLDN

Event Planning: Amazing Celebrations & Events, Nancy Goldstein

Décor: Sue & Olivia Kravitz

Cake: Spellbound; Avon, CT.

Favors: Homemade limoncello, mother of the bride

Cinematography: Richard Marinelli Videography