Our trip to Italy.

Last week we had the wonderfully good fortune of vacationing in Italy, and spending some quality time with our daughter Molly, who’s studying in Florence for the semester. So far she is thoroughly enjoying her course and soaking up the culture as well as the language. She even showed us a few of her Italian Essay Phrases.

That being said, as an international student, there were a few things that Molly had to do some research about before embarking on her studies. For example, it is no secret that student life can be expensive. There is always a new textbook to buy and socializing can also be costly. Fortunately, there are now credit cards out there that even allow students to build up their credit scores while studying as an international student. Looking after your money is so important after all. If you would like to learn more about credit cards for students, you can click here.

Anyway back to the details of our visit now. Never having been, everything about the trip was a visual (and gastronomic) grand adventure. We started off this grand adventure in the most suitable way, by looking to charter a private jet over to one of Italy’s airports, it could have evoked the feeling of walking down the red carpet it was so fancy! Mostly our time was spent in Florence, with a day’s trip to Rome and another to Lucca, staying at a great little Hotel Tornabuoini Beacci, we ate, drank, walked endlessly and saw lots of extraordinary art and architecture. Especially in Rome, we had some interesting conversations with the locals, who were very friendly. They told us about everything from the history of Rome, to the “escorta roma“, to the famous architecture. If I didn’t before, I now truly have the travel bug in me, and can’t wait to go back. What follows is a little sampling of our travels, which I hope you’ll enjoy.