One final Napa story (then back to work)

Last but not least on our Napa vacation. The real secret to the success of our wonderful week away was the incredible research and planning that Liz had done, from picking the right places to stay to the best wineries to visit. My job was just to show up (and I did that quite well).
But a couple of days into it I started hearing about the “Calistoga mudbaths” and became very intrigued and eventually obsessed.  I must admit I love to be pampered, huge fan of deep tissue massages, room  service and drinks by the pool. So when I heard that Calistoga, just up the road from us, was the heart of mudbath land, it became obvious that this was something we simply had to do and of course it became my job to find the best place to partake. So on-line I went and discovered the attractive (enough) web site of the Roman Spa at Hot Springs  Resort, made the reservation for two for mud baths followed by 30 minute massages and off we went.

And the lesson is: any one can create a nice looking website. The reality is not always the same. Mudbath in Motel 6, not quite what we had in mind. In spite of this, the mud baths weren’t so bad and the massages were actually quite nice.