"And the winner is…."

Well, as we all know, you’ve got to play to win and leave it the lovely Traci Romano to not only enter our contest, but hit it on the first try. 

As many of you already know, prior to starting our wedding and event photography business (incredible to me that it’s been ten quick years since we did) I spent many years in NYC as a magazine and advertising photographer. Much of this time was spent photographing kids for national ads, magazine covers and fashion catalogs. Without a doubt one of our favorite models was one Jennifer Connelly. When we first met Jennifer she was all of ten years old, but from that first session it was obvious that this was no ordinary kid. Clearly gorgeous, even at ten, but poised, personable, smart (she always said she wanted to be a doctor) and perhaps most significantly, for our purposes at the time, a “natural” who moved with the grace and self-assurance of a much older and more experienced model. Well, so much for the Dr. Connelly, but nevertheless the kid turned out ok.
The “contest” photo, by the way, was from perhaps our last shoot together, maybe she was 13 or 14. It was this wonderful day of photos that we were commissioned to take for Trimfit Stockings. The art director was our good friend and incredibly talented designer Martha Voutas, now Martha Voutas Donegan and the fashion stylist was the amazing Kate Moody.
It was shot on a farm in New Jersey and the other models that day were our own super dog Duncan (the bearded collie) and another young girl named Yasmine Bleeth, later of “Bay Watch” fame.  Jennifer and Yasmine to this day must both say to themselves “they knew me when”.