Lushe’s Sono Diner

Those of you with whom I’ve spoken lately know that I’ve been very excited by the opening of the new diner in South Norwalk,  just a stone’s throw from my offices in “The Corset Factory”.
Well I thought it was time that I shared my secret with the masses and so here are some photos I popped in to take this morning. Featured here are Danielle and Lushe. Lushe Gjuraj was the owner of the wonderful Sono restaurant Habana, which was in the same location as the new diner. She’s also the proud owner of the Parkway  Diner, Spazios and Quattro Regale all in Stamford as well as Ocean Drive, soon to reopen, in South Norwalk. But nothing could be more to my own personal liking than the comfort food of a great diner. Breakfast being my  most favorite meal of all (Lushe’s pancakes are amazing), Sono diner is destined to be my home away from home as well as my favorite new place to meet friends. So don’t be surprised to receive a call from  me soon with an invite to join me down at Lushe’s. The address is 70 N. Main Street, South Norwalk, just doors away from the movie theater and a block from the Maritime Aquarium. Check it out.