Baxter’s Birthday

A special day in our house as we celebrate our old friend Baxter’s 14th birthday. Seems like just yesterday, but then it wasn’t. As I reflect on our “life together”, when we picked Baxter up from the breeder our daughter Hannah was just 9 and Molly was 6 (now nearly 24 and 21). We lived in a different house, in a different town, and I was commuting into my NYC studio every day, taking pictures for magazine, advertising and catalog clients. My how our lives have changed, all in good ways.
But enough about me, today’s Baxter’s day. Baxter, “champion” Portuguese Water Dog that he is, whose name when we picked him up from the breeder was, interestingly enough, Bo Diddley (long before the President’s “Bo”), is truly our “best friend”, for the most part still with the energy of a puppy (his sister Bibi keeps him in shape), and in spite of being deaf as a doornail, continues to warm our hearts with his loyalty and good nature on a daily basis. Enjoying his new bed and lots of treats, he’s had a good day!
has some beds just like Baxter’s new one! To know Baxter is to love him and we look forward to more wonderful senior years with our old buddy and his frisky “sister”.
Below are a couple of pictures of Baxter, shot on the front steps earlier today, and one of Baxter, Bibi and their chum and ours Murphy, who unfortunately is no longer with us. Together they were truly our “three amigos”, and our lives will forever be better because of them.