The Best Bartenders: Serendipity Magazine’s Summer Issue

Talk about a great story to work on. For three days last month Serendipity Magazine’s Art Director Lisa Kennedy and yours truly, together with Serendipity’s Courtney Ghiloni and Casey Deck, travelled throughout Westchester and Fairfield County photographing and interviewing ten local bartenders who the magazine’s readers tapped as their favorites. From the sleek newly opened J House Hotel in Riverside, Ct. to the local as local gets Pete’s Saloon in Elmsford, NY, we not only had the chance to spend time and photograph this diverse group of dynamic and talented mixologists, but to listen to some great stories about their experiences behind their respective bars and to watch as they each created for us their own signature drinks. Perhaps our favorite “story” from the group was courtesy of Ginny at Pete’s Saloon, who’s been the bartender there for more than twenty years. When asked about some of the lessons that she’s learned over the years, her pithy reply was that she “doesn’t pay attention to morons”. Next up for us, returning to some of our own favorites for a more serious “tasting”.