Moffly Publications Best of the Gold Coast Cover Stories

Whenever my good friends at Moffly Media give a call with a new assignment I always know I’m going to be in for an adventure whether its climbing on roofs in downtown Westport or photographing local chefs and celebrities. This time was no different, only more of it and ultimately even more exciting. The editors and art directors of the five Moffly Media titles (below) decided to expand on their annual stories featuring the Best of the Gold Coast winners by inviting me to spend the better part of two weeks traveling throughout Fairfield County photographing nearly twenty-five of the “best of ” winners, their bars, restaurants, clothing stores, pilates studios and more. Some long days and hard work but in the end a wonderful treat to see the results of our efforts on the covers of “all five” of the Moffly Publications hitting the news stands this coming week. And while in each case I was snapping the pictures in all cases these were truly team efforts. Our sincere thanks go to all of the winners who invited us into their “homes” and helped us document their stories. And most of all to all of the art directors and editors of the five Moffly Publications who showed their confidence in this “people” photographer to step out of his box and make these cover stories “good enough to eat-and drink”. Thanks in particular to  Creative Director Amy Vischio, Executive Editor Cristin Marandino, Editors Diane Sembrot, Camilla Herrera and Jeanne Craig and of course Senior Art Director Venera Alexandrova and Art Directors Garvin Burke, Holly Keeperman, Katie Conte and Paula Winicur. My sincere thanks to all of you!