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Jordana and Brad’s engagement session

Jordana and Brad's engagement session
With the amazing weather we've had for the past week, it's almost hard to remember the endless, cold, storm-filled days of this winter past. But it was in the midst of that dark and dreary February, in fact just a day before Valentine's day, that Jordana and Brad payed me a visit for their engagement session. And troopers that they are it didn't take much convincing [...]

Getting to know Kristina and Jason

Getting to know Kristina and Jason
We call them engagement sessions, or "e" sessions for short. But really, more than anything, they're "get to know you" photo shoots. An opportunity for me to spend an hour or two (or sometimes a day) with our soon to be bride and groom, for me to see how they are on their end of the camera and for them to get a glimpse of my style and approach. I've really found that [...]

Jessica and Billy’s Engagement Session

Jessica and Billy's Engagement Session
In anticipation of the rapidly approaching new year, a year filled with new weddings and new beginnings, I bring you the photos from our engagement shoot with Jessica and Billy. Clearly the weather was a bit warmer back in October when we met for our photos, but I was holding off with these special moments of two very special people so that we could all dream together[...]