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Patricia and Alex on the streets of Boston

Patricia and Alex on the streets of Boston
As we all eagerly await Patricia and Alex's rapidly approaching Connecticut June wedding, it strikes me that there's something very Kate Middleton about Patricia. A certain classic elegance, natural beauty, and just as with the new Duchess of Cambridge, the camera does love her, I think you'll agree. The twist in the story is that Alex, the man she's about to marry is[...]

Diana and Sean: a match made on the courts.

Diana and Sean: a match made on the courts.
She's been playing tennis since she was 7 and competitively since she was 9. She held a New England ranking through her junior years and played # 1 single and doubles at Fairfield University, where she was captain of the team her junior and senior years. He was captain of the men's team at Fairfield "U" his junior and senior years as well. He grew up racing motocross [...]

Paige and Garrett’s Engagement Session: Bedford, New York

Paige and Garrett's Engagement Session: Bedford, New York
Eagerly anticipating Paige and Garrett's rapidly approaching wedding day, I share with you the results of their engagement session from a couple of months back. Not only did they take me to their favorite little country spot, we also had a chance to visit the famous "Bedford Oak" which, as the Town of Bedford describes it, "has stood as a symbol of the town's strength[...]

Julie and Adam’s “E” Session: Long Island City

Julie and Adam's
Discovering new (and old) NYC area destinations for me is always a treat. Our engagement sessions lend them themselves beautifully to the task. From Dumbo (directly under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, for those not in the know) to Hoboken, Central Park to Battery Park, there's never a lack of great locale, and never a photo session without the unexpected bringing [...]

Allie and Justin’s engagement session

Allie and Justin's engagement session
A few weeks ago, on a picture perfect early April day, I headed down to Jersey City, NJ to spend the afternoon with Allie and Justin, and their larger than life "best friend" Joey, exploring the streets of Jersey City, where they're proud home owners, and Hoboken, just next door. And while we'd all met up at my place a month or two previously, Allie and I, in fact, go[...]